Monday, December 3, 2018

Trans Activists Versus TERFS

                According to the National Review, “earlier this year, a sex offender named Karen White was incarcerated in a British Women’s prison, where ‘she’ sexually assaulted fellow inmates.” Imagine that. A person put in prison for sex offenses committing sex offenses in prison. Hard to believe, isn’t it? How did “she” go about it? The prosecution explained, in part, that “Her penis was erect and sticking out the top of her trousers.”
               There is no more damning condemnation of progressive’s mores and “reasoning” than the statement, “Her penis was erect and sticking out the top of her trousers.” Objective truth, reason, scientific facts, biology, religion, and the entire structural basis of humanity are all mocked and dispensed with in that one preposterous statement.

   But you can’t change the truth anymore than you can change your sex.

   As the NR article notes, feminists in England are now battling with those lobbying for transgender rights. Many feminists believe that sex is immutable and therefore trumps gender, whereas trans activists push the opposite belief, that one’s self-identified gender is an absolute that trumps one’s “arbitrarily assigned” sex. These trans activists call these feminists “TERFS,” which stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.” And the trans activists are on the rampage. They prevented Dame Jenni Murray from speaking at Oxford University for merely raising the question of whether trans women are “real women.” Moreover, a 61-year-old “TERF” was recently assaulted at a feminist rally by Tara Wolf (!), a trans “woman” who had stated on social media that she wanted to “f**k up some TERFS,” as they are “no better than fash (fascists).”
Speaking of fascists, leftists in the West are the modern-day fascists. Their actions make this assertion utterly unassailable. Tories in Britain are so afraid of leftists that, even though the majority of Tories support a mandatory medical verification of gender dysphoria to qualify one to “change one’s gender,” the majority of them won’t say so publicly. There is no Churchill today. Only fear and surrender. This is not their finest hour. One can only imagine, with increasing delight, what Churchill would have said of the phrase, “Her penis was erect and sticking out the top of her trousers.” Suffice it to say it would have been pithy, perfect…and legendary.  
The speaker of the British House of Commons rejected a parliamentary request to discuss the issues raised by Karen White’s case.

Apparently, Speaker (John) Bercow just doesn’t have the balls that Karen White has.

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