Saturday, December 8, 2018

Nebraska School Bans Reindeer And Candy Canes

                It’s time for this year’s update on our public education system’s complete and utter lunacy as regards Christmas and the holiday season!
    Jennifer Sinclair, principal of Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, recently put the kibosh on a vast number of Christmas-related items. A memo from Sinclair listed the forbidden items and activities:

                *Santas or Christmas items (clip art) on worksheets
                *Christmas trees in classrooms
                *Elf on the Shelf— “that’s Christmas-related”
                *Singing Christmas carols
                *Playing Christmas music
                *Sending a scholastic book that is a Christmas book—"that’s Christmas-related”
                *Making a Christmas ornament as a gift—“This assumes that the family has a Christmas tree which assumes they celebrate Christmas. I challenge the thought of, ‘Well they can just hang it somewhere else.’”
                *Red/green items—traditional Christmas colors
                *Christmas videos/movies and/or characters from Christmas movies
                *Candy Cane—"that’s Christmas-related. Historically, the shape is a ‘J’ for Jesus. The red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection. This would also include different colored candy canes.”

                Yes, symbols of Christ are certainly inappropriate for the Christmas season, whatever their colors!

                Liberty Counsel, a law firm defending religious freedom, obtained a copy of the memo and subsequently sent a demand letter to the superintendent of Elkhorn Public Schools urging the district to “immediately overrule and specifically disavow the sweeping directive banning Christmas holiday items, and require Principal Sinclair to undertake review of District policy and the law.”
                The district responded, saying it had “investigated this matter and determined that Principal Sinclair’s memorandum did not comply with Board policy” and that it had advised Manchester staffers that “certain Christmas symbols” are permissible.
                Sinclair essentially apologized for her actions, noting that she “come(s) from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools.” New York City? California?
                What were to be “acceptable practices” at the school?:

                *Gifts to students
                *Students making a gift for a loved one
    *Snowmen, snow women, snow people, snowflakes
    *Gingerbread people
    *Holidays Around the World—purposeful presentation of information to teach about different cultures
    *Hot chocolate
    *Polar Bears
    *Scarves, boots, earmuffs, and hats
    *Olaf ( from the movie “Frozen”)

Is there no end to her tolerance and largess? Can the kiddies actually wear scarves, boots, earmuffs, and hats, too?
The Abominable Snowman and polar bears are fine, but reindeer are problematic? As for “snow people,” I bet a transgender Jihadi snow person might garner its maker extra-credit!
And we all know snowflakes are acceptable. After all, there are so many in our schools already.


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