Friday, December 14, 2018

Borderline Insanity

                To judge by progressive thought, Native Americans should have continuously welcomed non-native Europeans with open arms…and open checkbooks if they had had them. Yet they constantly decry these white settlers, who were simply fleeing persecution and looking for a better life, for usurping the Native Americans land and bringing with them diseases and firewater to which the natives had no defense.
                Incredibly, the self-same progressives today are gob-smacked and repulsed that the United States and the majority of its citizens, native or not, aren’t thrilled with the thought of unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants crossing over the border and demanding handouts and rights. This despite the fact that the hordes of illegals bring with them diseases, crime and drugs. And the fact that there are probably already over 30 times as many people living in America now as when Christopher Columbus arrived.
                It is illogical and hypocritical to say that the white Europeans ruined everything upon their arrival in America on the one hand, while simultaneously preaching the wondrous benefits of allowing millions of people from Central and South America to come here today on the other.
                There was no welfare program in America/the United States for the first 443 years of (mostly) European immigration. There were no Medicaid, Medicare or unemployment benefits, either. To become a citizen and be granted Constitutional rights such as the right to vote, one had to enter the country legally and pass a citizenship test. This was almost universally understood to be best for the immigrant and the nation.
                As we have grown richer and life has gotten easier, we have gotten softer, our thinking fuzzier, our reason—and purpose—less clear.
   This has led to many ills, including the changing of the definition of “liberal.” The Founders were classical liberals…and proud of it. The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence were based on classical liberal thought and belief. I myself am an “old-school,” classical liberal. Classical liberalism favored limited, representative republican government, individual liberty, economic freedom, and the rule of law. All of which are anathema to “liberals” of today, as both sides understand the term.
  Today’s “liberals” are really socialists and leftists of various stripes, all of whom want big government, more and more spending, higher and higher rates of taxation, and less economic freedom. They are often in favor of a pure—or “direct”-- democracy, which has in every instance led to chaos, mob rule and tyranny by the majority and/or the government itself.  The rule of law? They like it when it benefits themselves, not so much when it doesn’t, and not at all when it’s against their interests.
  Which leads us back to illegal immigration. Our leftist friends are pro amnesty and illegal immigration because it solidifies their power by guaranteeing them more votes, directly and indirectly. The more people on government assistance, the more people who vote for their big government, tax and spend policies. Eventually, society reaches a tipping point where there are not enough people working to support all those on the dole, when, as Margaret Thatcher said, “you eventually run out of other people’s money.” And are left $22 trillion or more in debt. Shortly after that tipping point is reached, society enters a death spiral from which it is impossible to escape, precisely because the majority of the citizens either work for the government or rely on its (read: taxpayers) largess.
 Classical liberalism led to our astounding success. Progressivism/socialism/Marxism/leftism, whatever you wish to call it, will lead us down the road that Venezuela recently traveled. The vast majority of the citizens will eventually have equal incomes……at extreme poverty levels……while the ringmasters of the grand charade live a life of luxury.

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