Saturday, December 29, 2018

Student Group Wants University To Pay For Cosmetic Transgender Surgery

                Graduate Students United, a student group at George Washington University, recently launched a petition demanding that the school’s student health insurance policy be amended to cover elective mastectomies and male breast implants as well as voice modification and hair removal procedures. (The policy already covers hormone replacement therapy and counseling treatment for those with gender dysphoria). Who could have even imagined the phrases “elective mastectomies” and “male breast implants” just a few short years ago? Maybe these could take place in adjoining rooms. One attending physician could just lop off the breasts of the “transgender man” and another could quickly affix them to the “transgender woman” next door. A no-fuss, no-muss zero-sum game if ever there was one. Talk about the grass being greener on the other side! Just line up the erstwhile women out one door and the persons formerly known as men out the other. Presto! Transgender factory! Genius, if I do say so myself!
                GSU considers transgender “cosmetic” surgical procedures to be “comprehensive healthcare rights.” If I was at the university and I wanted a horn—or a penis, for that matter—stapled to my forehead, would the school see to my comprehensive “healthcare” rights?
                GSU’s petition states: “We agree with groups like the Transgender Law Center that it is up to the individual and their physician, not Aetna, to determine what is medically necessary. Any pre-set exclusion of ‘cosmetic’ procedures is an unacceptable method of providing adequate healthcare. GW should make assisting its trans students and employees a priority, especially in light of recent attacks by the Trump administration.” Medically necessary? Slicing off parts of one’s body and suppressing hormonal development, just to name two of the procedures, are medically very dangerous, not “necessary” to be covered as electives.
                A member of the group recently met with the university’s president, according to the school’s student newspaper, and stated that he “did not agree with the clauses and does not want to prevent transgender individuals from seeking certain procedures.” The paper also reported that the Dean of the Student Experience, Cissy Petty (supply your own joke here), told it that GWU will address the language in its health policy to make the wording better reflect “our university values.” Apparently, the university values aiding and abetting its students in their dangerous attempts to become something they simply cannot be, their later mental and physical health be damned.
                George Washington was the Father of His Country… and the man for whom this university was named. It’s a good thing he lived when he did, for multiple reasons. If today’s values and advanced medical procedures had been the norm prior to the Revolution, he might have been encouraged to become transgender. Were that the case, it’s doubtful “she” would have gone on to become the Mother of Her Country.
   She certainly wouldn’t have had the balls to defeat the British.

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