Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Vegans Have A Beef With Meaty Words

                Many vegans would like to cleanse the English language of vile phrases like “bringing home the bacon.” Expressions such as “the meat of the matter,” “meat market,” and “meat and potatoes” are right out, as well. And don’t even think of saying “beef up,” “what’s your beef,” or “where’s the beef,” of Wendy’s fame circa the 1980s.

               Has meat met its match? Vegans certainly have a beef with beef.

   We more traditional types may not like political correctness or “pork-barrel-spending,” but we almost always chicken out in the face of progressive attacks. After all, it is hard to stop being pathetically accommodating cold-turkey.
  As the article I’ve linked to noted, George Orwell once said, “If you can control the language people are allowed to use, you can control their minds.” That is precisely what progressives have been trying to do on college campuses-- and elsewhere-- often to great effect.

  If they succeed, we are all vegetables.

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