Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ten Years After: Progressive Dystopia

            In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that defined federal marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  
In 2008, Hillary Clinton opposed gay marriage. Today, she’s a huge fan of same-sex unions.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama opposed gay marriage as contrary to his own deeply held Muslim Christian beliefs. Today, he’s a staunch supporter, as well. Prior to 2008, Obama also believed in strengthening the U.S.’s border with Mexico. In fact, in 2006, he voted for a measure to create 700 miles of new fencing along the Mexican border. Today, he’s adamantly opposed to such restrictive, mean-spirited, xenophobic measures.
Ten years ago, there was still some debate about global warming/climate change. Today, if one doesn’t parrot Al Gore he or she is labeled a “Denier.” It won’t be long before these troublemakers are literally labeled with a scarlet letter “D,” perhaps tattooed onto their cheeks and/or foreheads.
Ten years ago, if a small group of people claimed that every human being is whatever sex they’d like to identify as, and should be able to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen gender identity, they would’ve been considered radical and pushy at best. Most folks would’ve considered them comically unreasonable. Today, social media platforms recognize dozens and dozens of possible genders, and the “backward” states and municipalities that cling to the quaint, if reactionary, notion of two distinct sexes are denied federal monies and are refused consideration to host major revenue-generating events such as a Super Bowl or NCAA basketball Final Four.
Already, the “rights” of the trans-specied and polyamorous, among others, are being discussed in certain progressive circles. Progressives are never satisfied. They never quit. They never rest. They never cease pushing and prodding, shaming and lecturing, berating, lying, euphemizing, euthanizing. 
And all this is done with the unquestioning, unwavering, whole-hearted support of the mainstream media. No other industry in American history has ever abandoned its mission and stated principles as the Fourth Estate has done in recent years. Their laziness, casual slander, and use of obfuscation and prevarication, have reached new and truly dangerous levels during President Trump’s short time in office.
On May 9th, 2012, ABC actually broke into its daytime television lineup to announce that then President Obama had changed his mind and declared his unconditional personal support for gay marriage. Obama told ABC news, “I’ve been going through an evolution on this issue.” In one fell swoop, Barry pandered to his hip, leftist base…and got in a plug for evolution! (Though I was always taught evolution was an extremely slow, gradual process, not one to significantly change things in four or five years).
Does a network have to break into “regularly scheduled programming” to bring its viewers this “news?” Is it really akin to “Planes Hit World Trade Center,” or “Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor?”
The dogma of equality of result, combined with that of equivocation and the primacy of secularism, dictates that there must always be another grievance, another victimized group until the majority becomes the minority and/or society collapses. The, “A man is a woman is a horse is a wood-tick is an amoeba” doctrine is an illogical fallacy. As are the ideas that all conceivable marriage and family structures are equal, and that all societies and religions are equal at any given point in history.
Recognizing the truth can sometimes be inconvenient. For instance, Al Gore probably wouldn’t like me to call attention to his 2006 quote, as reported by the Washington Post, stating that he “believes humanity may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan.”
We’re not sizzling yet, Al. In fact, many of us just came through a colder than normal winter. And, 10 years after 2006 would’ve been 2016. The year Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Maybe the planet can yet be saved.
But only if regular Joes and Josies: 1) stop allowing radical “progressives” to sexually, morally, and politically harass them with impunity, and 2) refuse to let leftists take away their rights of free speech and self-protection.
Given the astounding rate of cultural change in the West, we may have only 10 years left to save the planet from plunging into eternal chaos and darkness.
Everywhere is freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
Tax the rich, feed the poor
'Til there are no rich no more?

(Ten Years After; 1971)

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