Friday, March 9, 2018

Berkeley Now Cannabis Sanctuary

                The Berkeley City Council voted- unanimously- to make the California town a sanctuary city for recreational marijuana use (a bowl asylum?), according to The San Francisco Gate. The move prohibits city employees and agencies from turning over information on legal cannabis activities or assisting in enforcing federal marijuana laws. Potheads and providers are, like, pleased with the decree, thought to be the first of its kind.
                Mayor Jesse Arreguin spoke at the recent council meeting: “We’re keeping with the strong position Berkeley is a sanctuary for people in our community. I believe we can balance public safety and resisting the Trump administration.”
                City officials are so happy with Berkeley’s burgeoning reputation as a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens and cannabis consumers, they are considering other groups and behaviors to single out as protected in their town. An anonymous source tells me the burg is currently mulling over proposals that could see it become a “sanctuary city” for serial jaywalkers, crack cocaine aficionados, pedophiles, the polyamorous, and transgender mulatto Episcopalian dwarves.   
                One thing is certain: it is not a sanctuary for sanity.
                (On a related note: there are still no known sanctuary cities for conservatives).

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