Sunday, March 18, 2018

Notes From The Precipice

Notes From The Precipice—

                *The sustained attack on capitalism is fueled by emotion and ignorance. It is as unfounded as it is dangerous.
                The term “moral capitalism” is akin to George W. Bush’s use of “compassionate conservatism,” and I despise both characterizations. Nothing—nothing—has done more to lift more people around the world out of poverty than capitalism. That is a simple, inarguable, stone-cold fact. Nothing has increased people’s—and nation’s—standards of living more, or faster. What’s more moral than that?
Capitalism takes advantage of what many see as a fundamental “flaw” in human nature, the tendency to want to better one’s own lot, otherwise called greed, to make things better for everyone. That’s as good as it gets, at least in this world.
Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. BernieBros, be careful what you wish for.

*The West has embarked on a dangerous journey, following a bizarre and unsustainable path. European nations, Australia, Canada, and the United States have put in place a policy that could rightly be called “reverse colonialism.” Instead of traveling to other areas of the globe and attempting to identify and utilize resources and opportunities found there, these countries are allowing everyone else to come to their nations, willy-nilly, unchecked and uncontrolled, to appropriate and exploit their own resources and largesse. In most cases, without even the appearance of gratitude or the slightest attempt at assimilation.
Western democratic history, culture, and tradition are being inexorably swept away. The foundations of our liberty are being eroded, the basis of our societal cohesion obliterated. This cannot end well. For anybody.

*Sixth-grade students at a Texas middle school were recently sent home with a questionnaire asking them to rank their “level of comfort” with different scenarios and circumstances. The homework assignment was designed to ascertain how comfortable the kiddies are with 41 different scenarios including, “A friend invites you to a gay bar,” and “Your sister invites her new female-to-male transsexual boyfriend to dinner.”
Sixth-graders? Twelve-year-olds? But, why would these queries ever be posed in any educational institution, even one of “higher learning?” The only question arguably less appropriate is this classic one from an older pilot to a very young lad in the movie Airplane: “Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?”

We’ve lost our minds. Or our morals. Or both. 


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