Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Worst Time To Be A Human?"

                MSNBC’s “Reid Report” and “AM Joy” host Joy Reid was recently interviewed by Vulture.  During the interview, she referred to the Trump administration as “the apocalypse,” but then was asked what she thinks about her show’s increased ratings during the nascent Trump era. She replied: “I’ve said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist, and the worst time to be a human.” 
                There you have it: yet another member of the unbiased media giving it to us fair and balanced. This is a typically well-reasoned and nuanced statement from a stalwart and hard-working representative of today’s Fourth Estate. No extremism or fake news here!
                In truth, this remark, though less entertaining, rivals some Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) statements for preposterousness. Let’s put this in some perspective, shall we?
                Cavemen Cavepersons had it pretty rough, what with chasing down Wooly Mammoths and trying to avoid perishing in boiling tar pits, and such.  
                Say, I seem to recall reading that the bubonic plague, or Black Death, wasn’t much fun, either. In fact, it wiped out one-fifth of the world’s human population between 1346 and 1353. Seven years!
                And none of these folks had smart-phones, video games, computers, I-pads, television, radio, running water, heat, electricity, light bulbs, automobiles, or craft beer! Bad? Sad!
                More recently, the 20th Century saw 25 million people exterminated by fascists and 100 million by communists. Now that’s big government getting things done! (And Ms. Reid thinks Trump is a fascist, in part because he wants to prevent Planned Parenthood from exterminating hundreds of thousands of babies annually)!
Throw in a Great Depression, a decades-long Cold War, a Jimmy Carter presidency, a stained blue dress, and you’ve got quite a 100-year span!
Finally, just within the past ten years, we’ve experienced the reign of a man who wanted to “fundamentally transform” the most successful and benevolent country in the history of the planet, largely by sowing the seeds of envy and hatred. In that, he has mostly succeeded.
And Ms. Reid purports to believe that the man who is trying to roll-back some of the gross governmental overreach of the Obama years has single-handedly made the year 2017 the worst time in history to be a homo sapiens sapiens?
There’s no “Joy” in that remark.
And no truth, either.

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