Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Government Bans Married Couple From Having Sex

                A British court has awarded a man with Down Syndrome almost $13,000 because the government banned his wife from having sex with him after alleging that he wasn’t competent enough to give consent to sexual relations. Yet, prior to the ban, the man had a healthy sexual relationship with his wife of five years, court documents show.
                According to Fox News, the buggering ban was instituted after “a psychologist for a local government entity- which was not identified to shield it from criticism- assessed the 38-year-old man and found him to lack the mental competence to willfully engage in conjugal relations, the court documents say.”
                Lacked the competence? They’d been doing it for at least five years! And they were legally married! Clearly, it’s the government that lacked the effing competence, yet simultaneously possessed an overabundance of tyrannical tendencies! The government should get its prodigious nose out of their bedroom- and genitalia- and get back to doing what it does best, devising Machiavellian ways of fleecing its citizens out of their hard-earned cash.
                It gets worse. A court council warned the man’s wife that having sex with her husband would make her guilty of a serious crime. And the man was ordered to attend a sex education course before he would be allowed to resume relations with his wife. (What the hell did they think they needed to teach him)? Of course, if she had simply gone outside the marriage for her sexual needs, it would have been no big deal.
                Sadly, the course was delayed for over a year. The case had its inception after the man’s sister took her concerns about the delay to the Court of Protection. What’s more, “the man” had to take two courses, because, though his “therapist” said he made “sufficient progress” in the first one, the therapist averred he hadn’t yet demonstrated an adequate understanding of sexually transmitted diseases.
 I say again, the man had been in an exclusive relationship with his wife for five years.
The judge, Sir Mark Headley, admitted in a court document that the man earned damages due to the “deprivation for at least 12 months of normal conjugal relations with his wife.” Headley also stated: “The impact at the time must have been profound, not only for the loss of sexual relations, but for two other matters peculiar to him. First, he would have been unable to understand why what was happening should be so. And secondly, in order as she put it, ‘not to lead him on,’ the wife understandably and foreseeably withdrew to another bedroom and withheld much physical affection.”
The court document itself stated that the case was highly unusual because it pertained to a “settled, monogamous and exclusive married relationship,” and tacitly admitted that cases that touch on competence to decide to engage in sex normally involve people seen as vulnerable to exploitation or abuse.
This is a sick and shocking case of government abuse and nannyism. Today’s Western governments see to it that minors can have a federally funded abortion without notifying their parents. They continually prostrate themselves before the LGBTQIA “community,” and unequivocally state their support for transgender rights and gay marriage. They do everything in their power- and many things that aren’t supposed to be- to reward out of marriage sex and perversions of every kind. They also purport to care more about those with disabilities than the “average Joe.” Yet, they now claim the right to tell a heterosexual married couple they can’t have intimate relations, under penalty of law?
If the British government had attempted to tax Colonists’ intercourse, or had banned- or interfered with- their conjugal relations in this manner, history would have recorded the Boston Sex Party. Puritans not excluded. And the British would’ve been even more royally screwed.
My advice to “the man” who was essentially mentally and physically assaulted by the “local government entity?”
As you Brits say, “Keep your pecker up, old boy!”

And f**k the government.


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