Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hillary Blames Benghazi...Again?

September 11, 2018
Live On The Set Of NBC’s ‘Today Show’

Savannah Guthrie: “Welcome, Mrs. Clinton, back to the Today Show!”

Hillary Clinton: “Thank you! It’s so good to be back!”

SG: “And you’ve got another new book out! Yayyy!”

HC: “I do!”

SG: “Can you tell us the title and what it’s about?”

HC: “It’s titled, ‘Why Me?’ and it’s about me…and…why I lost the 2016 presidential election!”

Matt Lauer: “Haven’t you covered this ground before? I mean, ‘What Happened.’”

HC: “What happened? I lost the frickin’ election Matt! That’s what happened!”

Al Roker: “I think what Mr. Meanie was trying to say, Mrs. Clinton, is that you’ve previously written a book—a best-seller I might add!—about this same topic. So, what makes this one fresh and new, and the must-read I’m sure that it is?!”

HC: “Thank you, Albert, good point. In this one I reveal the real, true, absolute, no-doubt-about-it reason I so unexpectedly- supposedly- ‘lost’ that election!”

Natalie Morales: “And what is that reason, Mrs. Clinton? Might we have an exclusive?! (beams with anticipation).”

HC: “Well, you know…Benghazi was such a tragedy…it really, I think, hurt my chances to be elected. In retrospect, I really think, as unfair as it was, that Benghazi was the final nail in my campaigns coffin, so to speak.”

Willie Geist: “Benghazi was a tragedy (incredulous, yet pleading look on face)…”

HC: “It certainly was. Just devastating. One which truly hurt me. That is the premise of my new book. Bill, if it wasn’t for the ‘Benghazi eruption,’ I would have been sitting here now as the first woman president of the United States. There’s your exclusive!”

SG: “Umm, wow…Mrs. Clinton, how has ‘Why Me?’ been selling?”

HC: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


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