Saturday, September 30, 2017

Grade School Child Takes A Knee For The Pledge Of Allegiance

             And now we hear of grade school kids taking a knee for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Where will it stop? The answer is: it won’t stop, unless people in the spotlight, such as NFL players, stop “subverting” a “basic civic ritual” in the words of Mark Steyn. They’re kneeling on NFL fields, they’re kneeling at high school stadiums, they’re kneeling in grade school classes. Of course, in the latter case, the kids have no idea what they are really doing. Come to think of it, neither do the lunkheads in the NFL.
Every single norm, every single tenet, every aspect and facet of erstwhile American life is being deliberately and systematically targeted for repudiation by leftists, either directly or through misinformation and coercion. Everything that brings us together is under attack. Every last strand of cohesion is being cut away. Christopher Columbus? Bad. The Founders? Not what we were led to believe. Constitution? “Living document.” First Amendment rights? On campus, no! On football fields, yes! Second Amendment rights? No! White people? Bad. Men? Inept clowns. Successful businessmen? Evil. The free market? Gotta go! Capitalism, too! Christianity? A myth, a joke. Historic statues? Tear them down? The National Anthem? Don’t stand up. The flag? A symbol of colonialism and oppression. The traditional, nuclear family? Bland, boring and banal. Single moms? Should all be beatified. Marriage? Whatever you want it to be. Let your freak flag fly, baby!
Beginning to get the picture? I literally am just getting started. Country music? Cheesy, sexist, twang, romanticizing the old, white, patriarchal America. Hip-hop and rap? “Authentic” and real! Cigarettes? Ban them! Marijuana? Legalize! Liquor stores open on Sunday? Sure!
Policemen? Scary! Mosques? Let’s hear it for diversity! Islamophobia? Scary! Trump? Sexist lout! Bill Clinton? Most revered ex-President! Men and women? Ha, there are 63 or more genders! Cars? Bad! Bicycles? Good! Football? Too violent? Antifa? Social justice warriors! The Electoral College? A remnant of a by-gone age that’s stolen two recent elections from Democrats!
But...back to kneeling again. It would be pointless to kneel in protest of Christianity. I mean, people might assume you’re praying. Perhaps social justice warriors protesting Christianity will stand if asked to kneel in prayer and sit when asked to stand. Or, to make their feelings even more clearly known, perhaps they’ll take a piss and/or defecate on the “Pew"…or on a Christian.
After all, Odell Beckham, Jr. got down on all fours like a dog, lifted his leg, and mimed taking a leak in the end zone last Sunday, during the Giants game with the Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love. But hey, if NFL players do it has to be okay.
I’m sure it was just a form of protest against the mistreatment of (K9-Unit) German Shepherds at the hands of the police.

Remember, there is freedom of speech on the football field. 

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