Wednesday, September 27, 2017

America: 2047

Somewhere in Red State America
Circa 2047
Two Friends Discussing Current Events

Noah: “Have you been paying attention to the news lately, Emma?”

Emma: “Yeah. Especially the demands for statues, busts and monuments to come down.”

Noah: “I know. I saw videos of the protesters rallying in the Smithsonian yesterday and vandalizing the bust of Margaret Sanger.”

Emma: “I’m with them. Can you believe someone would put up a monument to a monster like that? I mean, she essentially founded Planned Parenthood.”

Noah: “Yeah, she was hugely pro-abortion and wanted to thin-out the black race! How stupid and callous were people back then? How did her bust make it until now…in the Smithsonian, yet?!”

Emma: “Incredible. Abortion killed roughly 60 million babies between the years 1973 and 2017 alone! That’s well over five times the number of people who were exterminated during the Holocaust. We didn’t put up any monuments to Hitler, Goebbels and Eichmann as I recall.”

Noah: “And it’s over 50 times more lives than the U.S. has lost in all the wars we've fought in our history, from the Revolutionary War through Gulf War II and the early years of the War on Terror. Mindboggling.”

Emma: “It really is. And it’s a disgusting stain on our history. For decades, there was an abortion done about every 30 seconds in the U.S.”

Noah: “I was glad to see protesters demanding that the stars of those who’ve had abortions be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Emma: “More like the Walk of Shame if you ask me. They should remove  the tributes to Joan Collins, Shelley Winters, Penny Marshall, and the like. Even some of the greatest starlets from ‘The Golden Era’ of Hollywood, like Ava Gardner and Rita Moreno, aborted their babies. Why did people go out of their way to honor and commemorate that?”

Noah: “I don’t know Em, I guess people just like celebrities, but, hey, they believed in global warming, too! And we’ve had three of the coldest winters in history this decade already- and scientists are trying to figure out how to stave off another ice-age!”

Emma: “Of course, they claim they just predicted ‘climate change,’ and now say this ‘man-made cooling’ is irrefutable, a settled scientific fact.”

Noah: “Yeah, the glaciers and ice-shelves are growing, and the sea-levels are dropping. Guess we won’t have to worry anymore about building an Ark.”


Somewhere in Blue State America
Circa 2047
Two Friends Discussing Current Events

Avery: “Damn, it’s cold!”

Eden: “No shit!”

Avery: “Hey, you catch the news today?”

Eden: “You mean that tackle football has been banned outright, at all levels?”

Avery: “No, I mean—"

Eden: “Oh, yes I did! The ‘Love Knows No Bounds’ marriage law was passed! Isn’t that fantastic?!”

Avery: “It’s only the best law, like, EVER!”

Eden: “It’s about time!”

Avery: “No shit. How could it take so long for hatred and bigotry to be overcome?”

Eden: “Well, there still are a lot of ignorant, intolerant, assholes out there. Fascist monsters! Remember, it was only a few years ago that polygamy was legalized.”

Avery: “True, but this is a great victory for the marginalized; especially the bestiality, incest and necrophilia communities. Hell, for humanity, man!”

Eden: “Don’t call me man! Not today, anyway. Tomorrow it might be cool. But your right, I’m so happy for the BIN community! ‘BIN Pride,’ baby! I can’t wait for their parades!”


               (Note to leftist statue fighters/vandalizers: It is easy to judge someone’s beliefs and actions in the past through the lens of the present. Are any of us enlightened folks certain that we would see things exactly the same way we now view them if we had lived two or three hundred years ago? Hmmm? Would you and I somehow have believed the earth was round if we had lived before the time of Aristotle?). 

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