Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vagina? So What? (The Vagina Demagogues)

                To judge from the signs at various transgender events, it is becoming conventional wisdom that “Not all women have vaginas,” and that “Not all people with vaginas are women.”
                Still…in moments of especial candor, can we not agree that having a vagina is a particularly excellent and accurate indicator that one may be female? I mean, as opposed to say, opposable thumbs. Or red hair.
                If possessing a vagina bears no relation to one’s gender, what does? Oh, I see. Gender, like truth, is unknowable. In which case, “Not all bipeds have two feet,” much as “Not all vertebrates have a spine.” Some vagina-sporting horses may, in fact, be male water-buffaloes. Who’s to say? What if “Not all people are people?”
                To most college-educated millennials and others of a leftist bent, everything is up for equivocation, everything is relative, everything is tolerated or celebrated, except standards and the concept of knowable truth.
Sorry, progressives, but it is a knowable truth that this dogma eventually leads to the absolute breakdown of society…to the needless and tragic detriment of everyone. (Run for your safe spaces now!).
It’s funny that the same people who don’t believe in religion, who instead worship at the altar of Darwin and possess an unshakeable belief in evolution, dismiss sexual complementarity as utterly irrelevant and meaningless.
It’s enough to make one think that all leftists are bereft of reason.

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