Friday, January 20, 2017

Devaluation Of Life Continues Apace

                The devaluation of life continues apace. Whether it’s Islamic extremists, Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ radicals, or the “Right to Die Movement,” traditional notions of the value of life are under sustained attack.
                And now this: last October, terminally ill California mother Stephanie Packer revealed that her insurance company denied her coverage for a drug that could extend her life, yet simultaneously disclosed that her suicide drugs were covered. And with only a $1.20 co-pay! Makes it a lot easier to rest in peace! Permanently.

                This is what “progressivism” has wrought.

                Prevention of life is publicly funded (birth control and abortifacients), as is the taking of life via abortion and suicide drugs, but the extension of life is not.
                Reason, like life, is under assault by the “tolerant.”
                It is a national disgrace that the country’s leading abortion “provider”- and one that apparently dabbles in trafficking baby parts, at that- can call itself “Planned Parenthood” and get away with it. That is akin to a WWII-era German concentration camp touting its “Structured Jewish Population Management.”

               There is a "Women's March on Washington" scheduled to take place tomorrow, January 21st, to protest Trump's perceived civil rights views, and, in part, to promote issues important to the "LGBTQIA" community. Whatever the hell that is. I got lost after LGBT. Oddly, one group of women- a feminist group at that- has been banned from the historic trek. Because they are pro-life. I mean, tolerance only goes so far, right?

                On this inauguration night, let us pray that reason- as well as the nation- may experience a rebirth. It is time to make America safe again for the legitimately dependent and truly helpless. Unborn babies.

                It is time to abort this publicly-funded holocaust.

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