Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fake News

                Fake news.

                Progressives have suddenly become obsessed with it. In truth, they essentially invented it. In light of this, and this sites content, I wanted to- unbidden- openly address this newly trending topic.
                Here is the truth: this is not a fake news site. Indeed, it obviously isn’t a standard news site at all. That being said, insofar as I address current events and history, I take great pains to vet the story, to make certain of the facts before I opine on them. I do opine on them, however, and sometimes attempt to make them amusing. Unlike the mainstream media, in too many cases the real purveyors of “fake news,” I make that clear. Whether or not any of you readers believe I have a responsibility to be precise, accurate and truthful…I myself  believe that I have that responsibility. I take my task seriously, but not myself. I hope it shows.
                I sometimes spend more time researching and proofing the information, off of which I base many posts, than I do actually writing those posts. I don’t believe readers will find many sites with more accurate and “non-fake” information than this one. Moreover, there certainly are very few misspelled words, glaring grammatical errors, punctuation faux-pas, missing words and the like, compared to most other sites. (I know, because I’ve examined hundreds of those sites). That is because I still “handcraft” my posts. As I have frequently referenced, current events seemingly have become more and more absurd with each passing year, leaving many of us to ask- or scream- what is going on??!! That is one reason it has become much more difficult to discern ‘real’ from ‘fake’ news.
                In light of this, it should be noted that I do post some parody pieces. By definition, that means I am not depicting real events in those pieces. They are a flight of fancy, so to speak. However, my parody posts shouldn’t call into question this sites believability, rather they are a separate entity and an attempt to- as Rush Limbaugh so well stated- illustrate absurdity by being absurd. Parody is constitutionally protected, and, if done well, one of the best ways to make one’s point. The title of this site makes clear that I occasionally post parody. It should be abundantly obvious which posts are- and are not- parody. Good- and effective- parody is much harder to write than a simple take on straight news. I however, always leave “tells,” though I fervently hope that wouldn’t be necessary. One clue that a piece is a parody article is that I might post date it and call it a “transcript.” If it is January 21,  2017, and you are reading a “transcript” from/dated January 28, 2017, well…that’s just not possible.
                In a sense, this site was conceived and dedicated to combating “fake news.” That is the animating factor in my life. I don’t like deceivers…or bullies…those that can’t win an argument and so want to take away others right to free speech. That is the truth.
                While anyone of any ideological bent can traffic in fake news, be aware that those with a particularly progressive bent often label almost anything they don’t agree with as ‘fake,’ or ‘politically incorrect.’
                On this site, I fervently hope that you may occasionally gain some insight that will help you in deciding for yourself what is- and isn’t- true. I read, digest, and report on leftist’s posts, sites, beliefs, and actions so that you don’t have to (if you don’t wish to), yet can still stay abreast of the looniness.
                I thank each one of you for reading my posts. It is exhilarating when you realize that the truth…and only the truth…really will set you free. Yes, it can be harder than it should be today to pick the truth out of the cascading torrent of effluvium washing over us, but it does have a certain look and feel.
                In summation, the left labels as “fake news” whatever doesn’t support its agenda. Period. For it, there is no other determining factor. Veracity doesn’t matter. Moreover, since most of the left’s beliefs have proven to be ineffective, dangerous or counterproductive throughout history, it is, ironically, most often the truth that it attempts to smear as “fake news,” while often holding up falsehoods and distortions as “real news.”
                (Hence, you get Dan Rather soberly reporting on an obviously counterfeit memo pertaining to George W. Bush’s service record. You get the Washington Post recently having to retract story after story. You get Brian Williams falsely recalling- on air- how he was in a helicopter that was forced to land after getting battered by RPGs and machine-gun fire. You get Buzzfeed and CNN breathlessly treating a completely unsubstantiated- not to mention fabricated- dossier on President-elect Trump as if it were anything but horse-hockey, etc., etc.).


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