Monday, January 16, 2017

Atheists: Make America Forsake Amen!

                “Make Christmas Great Again…skip church!”

                So reads the slogan that the clever folks at American Atheists used in an attempt to dissuade their countrymen from attending religious services this past Christmas season. Let’s first look at the slogan itself and then at the organization’s motive for the campaign.
                What is striking about the phrase is its sheer idiocy. Here, too, the left illustrates its childish demand to have things both ways. They mirthfully mock Trump as the leader of the backward, God-fearing, Bible-thumping deplorables from the hinterlands, yet are equally happy to believe he spends much of his time cavorting with Russian hookers in the Caligula Suite at the Moscow Hilton, where the showers flow as golden as the Donald’s hair.
                But, on a deeper level, why does this group feel the need to spend so much time and effort to persuade others to lose their religion? No one is forcing atheists to go to church. No one’s trying to alter their non-belief-system. On the surface it seems odd that these progressive-minded people, open to almost anything, should try so hard to get everyone else to join them in their disbelief. But they truly do believe…that you are an idiot if you believe in God. Most of these same people also fervently, deeply, reverently believe in man-caused global warming. Yet, when someone dares to even lightly question this sacred belief of theirs, that someone is told to shut up, called a “denier” and branded with a crimson ”D.”
                Practitioners of two religions, Islam and Atheism, are equally intolerant and driven by an overwhelming need to convert others. Therefore neither is compatible with a free and open society, based on the rule of law, inalienable rights and a market economy. Indeed, these things are anathema to leftists. Progressives seek their power in big government. Atheists will not tolerate any restraint on their- or their comrade’s- behavior. Gay marriage has no less meaning than heterosexual marriage. GLBTGQ clergy. You can be whatever gender you want to be…at any given moment. Legalize pot. Polyamory? Just another lifestyle choice. No job? No problem, soak the rich white guys. Abortion on demand! And have the government subsidize it! Free birth control. Pass out condoms in public schools. But pay single moms for having more kids. Ridicule men and fathers. Manufacture and then highlight race and class divisions. Stoke envy and resentment.
                All of these are of one piece, as together they inevitably lead to the breakdown of society. Religion, or more specifically Judeo-Christian values and tenets, must be tossed out in order to create the conditions necessary for The State to take its place. Witness the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, North Korea and the People’s Republic of China, for example.
                Look at how modern-day “liberals” treat those with whom they disagree. Look at the Golden Globe Awards fiasco. Look at how they treated Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Clarence Thomas, et. al. Look at how they treated non-partisan musical acts that had the audacity to even consider playing at the inauguration of Donald Trump. Look at how they treat Donald Trump.
                Leftists think those possessing the temerity to disagree with them must be evil. They have dispensed with God in order to worship themselves.


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