Friday, January 27, 2017

Democrats Attempt To Learn How To Talk To Real People

                You know your political party is in rough shape when it has to “hold lessons in how to talk to real people,” which is precisely how the Politico headline read. Ten Senate Democrats will be up for reelection next year in states that Trump won, and party bigwigs are attempting to rally the troops by congregating in Sheperdstown, West Virginia, to ponder how to make those Trump voters blue again. To that end, Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) was scheduled to moderate a “discussion with Trump voters.”
                In the spirit of bipartisanship, I am hereby “reaching across the aisle” as it were, and offering them this tip: when you are campaigning in, say, West Virginia or Kentucky, don’t tell them that you want to close all their mines and eliminate their jobs. 
                You’re welcome.

                Also, don’t get caught in an email or on any social media platform, etc., ridiculing them and allowing as to how you “hate them.” (That was a bonus tip).
                I can almost see the Democrats leaving their hotel at some point and going out on little field trips in an attempt to converse with the locals.

                Diane Feinstein: “Thank you for having us out to your home. What is your name?”
                Local man: “You’re welcome, ma’am…and you can call me Mike.”
                Sen. Feinstein: “That is such a cute little…um…is it a playhouse or a guest’s quarters, or do you use it for your pets?”
                Mike: “That is my family’s house, ma’am.”
                Sen. Feinstein: “Oh, and what is that shelter just to the right of it, then?”
                Mike: “That’s a garage and tool shed ma’am.”
                Sen. Feinstein: “And what do you put in there?”
                Mike: “Our car, lawn mower and tools, ma’am.”
                Sen. Feinstein: “Excuse me, Michael, but what is a ‘lawn mower’?”

                The post also stated that, on Wednesday evening, Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) hosted “a wine and cheese reception, then Democrats went to a presentation about Harper’s Ferry,” at which no reporters were allowed to attend.
                Back to the drawing board donkeys, back to the drawing board.

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