Sunday, January 22, 2017

California Church Won't Pray For "Donald Trump"

                Mike Kinman, rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California, announced via a blog post to his congregation that parishioners at the Episcopal edifice will no longer pray by name for the president of the United States. Rector Kinman, you see, fears that the mere mention of the name “Donald Trump” could trigger microaggressions among the faithful.
                He wrote: “If you come to All Saints this Sunday, you’ll notice that we have removed the proper names from our prayers for those in authority. Whereas before we prayed for ‘Barack, our president,’ we are now praying for ‘our president, our president-elect, and all others in authority.’ This practice will continue for at least the near future.” Yes, until Democrats retake the Oval Office.
                Kinman continued pontificating, albeit using remarkably bad grammar: “We are in a unique situation in my lifetime where we have a president-elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people—particularly women and people who, because of his words and actions, he represents an active danger to health and safety.”
                Then the Irreverent One likened Trump to a wife-beater: “As I have said before, for some it could be as if we demanded a battered woman pray for her abuser by name.” Hmm.

                Funny, I’m guessing rector Kinman had no problem praying for ‘Bill, our president.’

                Words and actions, Mike. Words and actions.

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