Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump's Torrid Start

                 Has any other president in history had a more dramatically effective (if controversial) start than Donald Trump has? I doubt it. In office for just over a week, he has already acted on most of his major campaign promises! He signed legislation authorizing construction of a wall on the Mexican border, is putting a temporary, targeted moratorium on immigration, has pumped-up American businesses, many of whom are talking about expanding inside of the U.S., has put Churchill’s bust back in the Oval Office, helped improve the country’s relations with important allies like Britain and Israel, given new life to the Keystone pipeline (and possibly to new life itself, as in unborn babies)…and, by-the-way, the stock market has gained over $2 trillion since he was elected- and ended last week at an all-time record high. Whew.

                What’s on tap for next week, Mr. President?

                Politicians just don’t act like that, do they? No they don’t, but therein lies the key: Trump is not a politician and never was. Over time many Americans forgot that the country was supposed to have a limited, citizen-government, not a massive government run by oleaginous career politicians essentially unaccountable for their grievous overreach.
                Obviously the President can’t sustain this blistering pace, and there will be ever-increasing pressure on him from establishment Republicans (also known as “blockheads”) to slow down and be more willing to yield to his opponents. (They are already in full-fledged panic mode over the possible repeal of the ludicrously named “Affordable Care Act.” Talk about ‘alternative facts’ and Orwellian speech). They will do this because they are afraid to lose their own grip on power and also don’t wish to be exposed as having been mostly useless and ineffective during their terms.
                One thing- and one thing only- is certain. Do not doubt me on this one: leftists and their media will continue to ramp up their rabid and unhinged attacks, desperate to do anything to discredit Trump or remove him from office. Leftists do not tolerate opposing ideas and actions and they know that if time goes by and his policies prove effective, they will be shown to be who they are: hypocritical, fear-mongering losers who intensely dislike the country as founded, and believe only that truth is a lie.
                Already I have seen some jaw-dropping distortions and massively misleading reporting from some of the biggest news outlets in the nation. Not to mention a few complete fabrications and outright lies thrown in for good measure. If internet software was really effective, you would get a pop-up message when attempting to access most of the major newspaper’s online sites stating, “Known fraudulent site, we advise you not to enter.”
                Can President Trump stay strong, weather the unrelenting leftist storm, and come out the other side four- or even eight- years from now bloodied but unbowed?
                The signs are good so far… but, sadly, I doubt it. The left owns the media and academia, lock, stock and barrel. Therefore leftists control the flow and presentation of information. This is true not only of the old, mainstream media, but certainly also of the newer social media giants in Silicon Valley. Moreover, the percentage of colleges and universities not completely given over to progressive ideas is literally too small to be measured.
                Additionally, the left is comprised of various special-interest groups: Socialists-Marxists, anarchists, Satanists, LGBTQIA radicals, and raging “pro-choice feminists” among them. All of these groups, with the possible exception of the latter one, are growing.

                And all of them will blow up the country if that’s what it takes to get their way.


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