Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Democratic House Members Refuse To Attend Trump Inauguration

                 He may have been an effective rabble-rouser community organizer, but the Great Uniter he is not. President Obama leaves with the country more divided than it has been since the Civil War. To add insult to injury, more than 50 Democratic lawmakers (and there’s nothing Democrats like to do more than making laws for others to follow) are planning to skip the incoming president’s inauguration ceremony Friday. There’s a healing, uniting, tolerant, inclusive gesture! What a classless group of selfish, hypocritical, grandstanding, childish ideologues these clowns are.
                Oddly, I don’t recall many any Republican members of Congress boycotting either Obama inauguration, intolerant racists that they are purported to be. No, it only goes one way…the left gets to accuse their opponents of traits that they themselves possess, and that their opponents usually don’t, while getting a free pass from the mainstream media.
                Speaking of the inauguration, anyone who can play a musical instrument, sing, juggle, dance or is practiced in the art of origami is in danger of being tarred and feathered if they come within a ten mile radius of the festivities. Yet acts that many would expect to have a more conservative fan-base, such as Toby Keith and Lynrd Skynrd, performed at President Obama’s inaugural(s) with little to no backlash.
                It is an amazing fact, that, when a Democrat wins the presidency, they immediately mount the bully-pulpit, grab any microphone in sight, and reflexively claim that the nation has spoken, the people have bestowed an enormous mandate upon them, and the time for decisive change has arrived. When, however, a Republican prevails, Democrats immediately mount the bully-pulpit, grab any microphone in sight, and reflexively assert that the incoming Republican president must move to the center, reach his hand across the aisle and be the President of all the people, especially those who didn’t vote for him. And that occurs even on the few occasions they don’t claim the Republican President-elect is illegitimate and has stolen the election from the people.


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