Saturday, January 28, 2017

Civic Minded?

                Many American adults possess little to no real knowledge of American history or government, though this doesn’t stop them from voting. What’s even more disturbing, though sadly not surprising, a series of surveys of adult Americans, taken from 2008 to 2011, found that college graduates generally knew less than the average American about basic government functions. Those surveyed took a “test” on the subject, and the average citizen surveyed failed, whether or not they had a college degree. According to, one of these reports concluded, “[W]hile college adds little to civic knowledge, it does seem to encourage graduates to identify more strongly with the Democrat and Liberal ends of the political spectrum.” Yes. If it did add to civic knowledge, it would have the opposite effect.
                Who could balk at $40,000 a-year tuition rates when colleges are routinely turning out shiny, new, perfectly-minted idiots? Some of the young ignoramuses arrive on campus predisposed to be intolerant of reason, but many of these entitled, infantilized, morons were programmed by their schools to blame society, white people and the profit motive for the world’s problems, and so don’t realize that the schools themselves are partly culpable. They are akin to the television show Westworld’s “performers,” with the difference being that their schools are programming/using them for their own amusement, not customers, and to advance their own deviant political agendas.  
                Another entertainment (if not entertaining) analogy: the horror movie titled “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” first came out in 1956. In it aliens took possession of people’s bodies and their minds. Universities today are only taking possession of their student’s minds, but it is no less frightening…actually more it is real.
                The National Association of Scholars, of which I am a member (full disclosure!), has produced a 525-page report purporting to show that U.S. civics education- to the extent it even exists- has been captured, usurped and transformed into a purely ideological mechanism to promote left-wing causes, undermine traditional values, and incite civil unrest.
                The report concludes: “[T]he content of civics education is the content of our children’s minds, and a progressive takeover of the colleges will end up as a progressive takeover of the country. We have been warned.” The NAS report claims that the “New Civics” replaces traditional civics with community organizing as its primary goal and focus, and teaches students to agitate for bigger government to redress grievances.
               Because most students are totally ignorant of basic, foundational truths, they have few- if any- defenses against this onslaught of flagitious flummery.


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