Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dan Rather To Teach Online Truth In Journalism Course

                In a bizarre turn of events, former CBS anchorman Dan (“Courage”) Rather is now teaching an online course called “Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News.” The class is offered through Udemy, and is aimed at both the general public and those who aspire to a career in media.
                Were Mary Mapes, Sabrina Erdely, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass and Janet Cooke unavailable? Surely someone from the Onion would have been a better choice.
            The course description reads, “In this course, Dan teaches invaluable foundations on great writing, the essentials of telling a good story, and how to remain calm and captivating on camera — useful skills for anyone fascinated by the power of the news or anyone who wants to contribute to serious journalism.” Serious journalism? Seriously? It continues, “Dan’s rich history and extensive knowledge of journalism, paired with practical, hands-on exercises, creates a unique learning opportunity and rare insight from an American legend.”
                “Practical, hands-on exercises” such as forging documents using a word-processor?
                I’m betting we can look forward to a bevy of new online courses from
                *”Perspectives on Patriotism”--Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen instructors
                *”Email Security in the Age of Hacking”—taught by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta
                *”Go Away…and Stay Away: keys to maintaining weight-loss and keeping a healthy, steady, and consistent body mass through the years”— coach: Oprah Winfrey
                *”Demureness Is Next To Godliness”—with the Kardashians
                *”The Perfect Dad”—teacher: Brad Pitt
                Look for these and other courses coming soon to Udemy!

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