Saturday, January 14, 2017

Unemployment, Welfare And Reality

                 Less than 49% of Americans are employed. Less than 39% of French citizens are employed. In each case, fewer and fewer workers have to support more and more non-workers who are on the dole. There are only two possible ways to- temporarily- finance this: one, have the unemployed brazenly, continually, and increasingly sponge off of the (relatively few) employed, and/or two, run massive debts… until your economy/society collapses. The first is patently unfair, and will of course itself lead to fewer and fewer people working and a larger and larger debt. The second, historically, leads to a simple fait accompli once a nation reaches the point to which the United States is now approaching.
                The simple fact is this: if entitlement spending isn’t cut dramatically, the future is bleak.

                There are no other options available to a society that is rapidly losing its belief in the sanctity of work and effort.

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