Friday, December 2, 2016

Virginia Senator Calls Ohio State Attack A "Senseless Act Of Gun Violence"

                 Virginia Senator (and future Vice-President…except for the grace of God) Tim Kaine said Monday that he was saddened by the “senseless act of gun violence” at Ohio State University. Turns out, Kaine was the purveyor of “fake news.”
                In reality, the “senseless act of gun violence” was a brutal terrorist attack carried out by a Somali-born student, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who actually drove a car into a crowd and then got out and stabbed people with a butcher-knife. But stating that it was a “senseless act of vehicular and knife violence” doesn’t sound sexy to liberals.
                After his original tweet reflexively blaming guns for the tragedy, a chagrinned (and probably despondent) Kaine was forced to correct himself, tweeting out: “Updated reports say attacker used a vehicle & knife. Horrifying & senseless.” You can read the “damn it!” between the lines.
                The OSU campus was locked down Monday morning after an initial university alert warned of an “active shooter.” The “active shooter” was an Ohio State police officer, who put an end to the crazed rampage by shooting the perpetrator.
                The liberal aversion to firearms runs so deep that it appears to be part of their DNA. This crazed- and apparently crazy- intolerance of an inanimate object does serve a vital purpose to progressives, however. By attempting to put the blame on guns for any and all heinous acts, they reassign and remove the blame from the evil human beings truly responsible. In many cases this has the added benefit of disguising the effect of the very social policies they promote and pursue.
                If a liberal nods off and you poke him or her in the side, it is likely when they wake with a start that they reflexively ejaculate: “It was a senseless act of gun violence,” before they completely come to.
                It doesn’t matter what kind of tragedy liberals attempt to characterize, their default position is to blame guns…no matter how preposterous the claim. (And a corollary is that they always hope and believe it is a white, right-wing Christian  behind the crime).
                Ohio State attack? Gun violence! Brussels? Gun violence! London, Madrid, St. Cloud? Gun violence? The most recent (sad that we have to add “most recent”) Paris attack? Well, banning trucks doesn’t really do anything for us, so…let’s stop gun violence!
                 Thermopylae? Must’ve been gun violence!
                Never use logic or reason with liberals. If you attempt to do so they may call it a hate crime. They are intolerant and non-inclusive of the truth. They believe something must be a fact simply because they want it to be one.
                Barack Obama’s Chicago has very strict gun control laws. Yet, as I write this, 701 people have been killed by gunfire so far this year. 3,315 have been shot. It is the very same big cities that have the strictest gun bans that experience the most gun violence. Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York, Baltimore, etc., etc. Yet places such as North Dakota and Montana, where nearly everyone owns at least one firearm, experience virtually no gun violence.
                If food was banned, criminals would still eat. When liquor was banned, criminals not only continued to drink, they became deeply involved in the manufacture and distribution of alcohol, as well. (And the law itself made many otherwise good people criminals). Gun control works in much the same way, but is far more tragic. It effectively ensures that only criminals have guns. Gun-free zones are nothing but “safe spaces” for criminals. They can ply their trade without fear of confrontation.
                When you take away firearms from law-abiding people, you take away their ability to defend themselves and their family. You take away their ability to have some control over their own lives and make it easier for the government to abuse them. You take away their freedom.

                And that is all “gun control” is about.


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