Saturday, December 10, 2016

Clinton Camp Apparently Called Network To Get Co-Host Pulled

                During a recent episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski claimed that, during the latest presidential election campaign, Team Clinton tried to get her removed from the airwaves. Brzezinski said the incident took place after she implied that Clinton didn’t necessarily have the presidential election wrapped up, as many thought.
                “I was concerned the campaign was not understanding that perhaps there was an arrogance. They needed to sort of get off their high horse and understand that this isn’t over,” Brzezinski recalled recently.
                “I’ll just say it: NBC got a call from the [Clinton] campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air.”
                Brzezinski professed shock at the reaction from the Democratic nominee’s camp. “I mean, think about that. That’s just… shooting the wrong messenger.”
                Reflecting on Donald Trump’s win, Brzezinski added, “And here we are.” 
                Brzezinski was actually empathetic toward Clinton’s campaign, and was, as she worded it, “concerned” that her campaign team, like many experts, might be taking her victory for granted. And people think Trump is thin-skinned? Okay, Trump is thin-skinned, but this is taking thin-skinnedness to an entirely different level.
                Think about this act and its potential ramifications. The American Moses and her staff apparently tried to get someone yanked from her broadcast, even though she was trying to help them by giving them a heads up. Ms. Brzezinski never called them names, publicly disagreed with them or called into question any of her policy positions. She didn’t bring up the email controversy or any past or current Clinton scandal, nor did she touch on Hillary’s health issues. Compare that to the near-constant vitriol hurled Donald Trump’s way from all quarters of the Fourth Estate.
                It’s not enough to not cross these progressives in any way. It’s not enough, in fact, to agree with their policy provisions, treat them nice, and even vote for them (I don’t know if Brzezinski voted for Hillary). At least in the case of Clinton, one must believe everything she and her team says, no matter how trivial the matter, or risk having them subtly attempt to take your reputation and livelihood away. So next time, Mika, just keep your mouth shut, smile prettily, and nod your head.
                The incestuous relationship the Clinton campaign had with the media in the latest American presidential election season was repulsive and unprecedented. Their disdain for the First Amendment is palpable. Their attempts to mold, cow and control anyone in the media who had the temerity to not simply parrot everything their camp wanted people to believe, would have been more fitting had they occurred in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

                And they are scarily antithetical to the continued existence of a free and representative republic.

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