Thursday, December 29, 2016

"If You Voted For Trump You Cannot Eat Here"

                “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

                So reads the bright yellow, handmade sign on the front door of Honolulu’s Café 8 ½.  That doesn’t seem very inclusive or welcoming. A photo of the sign also graces the restaurant’s Facebook page, just to cover all the bases. It is an utterly unsurprising revelation that, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, café founder Robert Warner is a former hairstylist who worked for Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco.
                Jali, Warner’s wife, told that, “Robert just wants to express how much he doesn’t like Trump. If people take it personally or it hurts them, we cannot help. That’s why we say they have [a] choice if they want to come or not come. We don’t force them.” Jali added that, even if they see a customer wearing a Trump shirt, “we don’t put anything different [in] your food.” Talk about big-hearted!
                Can you imagine if the sign read, “If you voted for Clinton you cannot eat here! No Communists.”? How about if it exclaimed: “If you are pro-choice you cannot eat here! No murderers.”? Think the media would make more of those stories, rather than ignoring them completely or treating them as misguided- but frankly kind of cute- attempts at free speech?
                What if a restaurant hangs a sign on its entrance proclaiming: “Blacks cannot eat here.”? Or even, “Italians unwelcome.”? I mean, if those groups take it personally or it hurts them, that can’t be helped, right?
                I’m guessing there’s a “Republicans need not apply sign” hanging somewhere in the café, as well.
                Sadly, the sign may not hurt- might even help- the restaurant’s business in a state that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton and that has long supported Democrats in both local and national races. Only six Republicans serve in Hawaii’s 51-member House and not a single Republican sits in the People’s Republic’s Senate. East Germany was a comparative bastion of political tolerance.
                Whether it’s a single local restaurant like this one, or a gigantic national chain like Starbucks, it is clear that purveyors of food and drink now believe we want a side of political-correctness with our orders. There have been many trends in the food industry of late. Fat-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and gluten-free items, among them.
                I have a novel idea. Let’s go back to serving PC-free food.

                If I’m hungry for leftist opinion, I can always read the New York Times.

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