Monday, December 26, 2016

"A Christmas Carol" Is No More

                Fifth grade students at Centerville Elementary School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have performed Charles Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol” for over 40 years. They will perform it no more. Parents say someone complained about the words uttered by Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone.” (This must be as offensive as “All lives matter”).
                The school’s principal declined to confirm or deny that allegation, but did say that the school wants to be respectful to “other cultural and religious backgrounds.”
                Why is it that one person can complain about a Christian symbol and get it removed? The examples of this are legion. I am well versed on the separation of church and state, and “if it’s in the public square” arguments, thank you, but those same arguments simply don’t apply when it comes to secularism or other religions. This is obvious injustice, intolerance, and hate-mongering.
                If one person is offended when they see a Mosque spring up near Ground Zero in Manhattan, for example, they don’t successfully enlist the ACLU to force the people responsible for the existence of the Mosque to tear it down. I myself- and a many people I know- am/are extremely offended that Planned Parenthood receives tax-payer dollars to exterminate the unborn. Well, screw us- and the unborn- we don’t get to defund them.
                I am routinely offended by much of the effluvium that emanates from public television and radio, but good luck to me in my attempt to stop them from using my money to promulgate values that are anathema to a successful, free, democratic republic.
               But, Heaven forbid, if so much as a single minority is offended, the hell with the offensive ways of the majority.

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