Friday, December 30, 2016

Muslim Woman Admits Fabricating Attack

                 Yasmin Seweid, the 18-year-old Muslim woman who claimed she had been attacked earlier this month on a Manhattan subway train by three men screaming “Donald Trump,” was charged with filing a false report after admitting she made up the story, according to police. Seweid, a college student from New Hyde Park, was charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing a false report, both of which are misdemeanors. She had originally claimed that the men grabbed her handbag and attempted to pull off her hijab.
                The story of the faux attack was major news. Conversely, the report of her admitting that she made the whole thing up was on page 18A of my local paper, the back page of that section, and received one paragraph of coverage.
                The, for example, ran the story under the banner headline, “Drunk men screaming Trump’s name try to rip off Muslim student’s hijab as straphangers stand idly by on East Side subway, cops say.” The article goes on to recount how the three “white” men also “hurled” anti-Islam slurs at her- and at one point said, “Oh look, a (expletive) terrorist.” Seweid also claimed the men yelled, “Get out of the country, you don’t belong here” at her.
                “It made me really sad after when I thought about it,” she said at the time. “People were looking at me and looking at what was happening and no one said a thing. They just looked away.” The Daily News post portrayed a “terrified 18-year-old” recounting her “harrowing encounter” with “the hate-spewing trio.” It stated that Seweid got off the train at Grand Central Terminal on E. 42nd St. and reported the “terrifying incident” to police. The article also stated that she later sat with police officers and tried to help spot the men on surveillance video, but allowed as how “no one has been arrested.”
                “I was very shaken up…I’m definitely traumatized,” Ms. Seweid exclaimed.
                The Daily went on to soberly and somberly state that: “The incident is another in a growing list of bias crimes across the city since Trump’s election. Cops said that from Nov. 8 through Nov. 27, there were 34 reported incidents compared to 13 in the same period in 2015.”
                Afaf Nasher, executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the absurdly-acronymed CAIR, trumpeted, “American Muslims, and particularly men and women who wear religious attire, are being increasingly targeted by hate nationwide in the wake of the Nov. 8 election.”
                What of those 34 “bias” crimes? 18 were anti-Semitic in nature, compared to only 5 in the same period last year. Five of the incidents were anti-white. Two targeted Muslims.
                And this one was completely fabricated.
                Is Trump responsible for the sharp spike in anti-Jewish sentiment? Or could there be something else at work here?
                There is an epidemic of false rape claims being leveled on college campuses, and spurious claims of police brutality are legion.
                Ms. Seweid’s claim, and the mainstream media’s reaction to it- both when first reported and then when it was proven to be a lie- are textbook examples of actual “fake news” reporting. 


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