Thursday, December 8, 2016

Time Magazine Names Donald Trump "Man Of The Year"

                 It’s been an interesting week at Time Warner, Inc.! Time Magazine named Donald Trump its Man of the Year, for obvious reasons, then proceeded to savage him in print, calling him a “huckster” and a “demagogue.” It went on to say that Trump was responsible for magnifying the divisions in the country and “inspiring new levels of anger and fear.”
                The magazine was slightly more charitable in their characterization of Hillary Clinton, likening her to “an American Moses,” and stating, “She’s the woman who was almost President, she is what might have been and what will yet be.” An American Moses? Is that really sober, reasoned and unbiased “reporting?” Hillary has never spent a day in the wilderness, she did not, in fact, lead her people to the promised land, and I think we can all agree that she’s not a prophet of God. And does that mean Trump is Joshua?
                It is interesting to note that, Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner’s CEO, recently (and correctly) said that Democrats were more of a threat to free speech than Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the run-up to the recent election, mentioning that the party "had a campaign plank to change the First Amendment, and they were doing it in the guise of campaign finance reform." He referenced Mrs. Clinton's campaign promise to try to overturn the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United ruling which stated that free speech extends to unions and corporations. "And that was worrying me more," Bewkes said. "The press tends to miss that because they tend to lean that way, and therefore they were supporting what they were viewing- I think overly charitably- as something in cleaning up money in politics when in fact what it would do is restrain multiple voices." Perhaps his own magazine was exhibiting this liberal bias?
                Which is a nice segue into this week’s next Time Warner related item: their attempted $85.4 billion merger with another media giant, AT&T. This proposed merger would create a monopoly, not just of industry, but of expression. This staggering concentration of power would further choke out dissenting, i.e. non-liberal, voices.
                The most ironic- yet fitting- breaking news pertaining to the purveyors of “Time Ragazine” and the “Clinton News Network” is this: Former- and current- black employees of CNN are suing the network, Turner Broadcasting, and their parent company, Time Warner for racial discrimination. Attorney David Meachum, in a press release announcing the lawsuit, alleged that instances of “abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination,” have been uncovered.
                The suit further alleges that blacks have also been subjected to racial slurs. In fact, the suit claims: “African-American employees have had to endure racial slurs and prejudicial biases from superiors, such as, ‘it’s hard to manage black people’ and ‘who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves.'” CNN discriminating against African-Americans? The same network that spent most of the past several decades accusing nearly every Republican of being racist, sexist, homophobic, intolerant, non-inclusive, judgmental, etc., etc.? Typical liberal hypocrisy deliciously exposed, and the reason why Trump won.
                Anyway, bring on the trial! You’d have to watch Kim Jong-un attempt to water-ski across the Sea of Japan to be equally entertained!     

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