Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Electoral College Fueling Global Warming!

                The Founders came up with the Electoral College so that people in lesser populated states didn’t get run over roughshod by those in the most populous states, and because a pure democracy has always led to chaos and the abuse of the minority by the majority. The Electoral College is an integral part of the most just, dynamic and intricately balanced system of representative government ever known to man. (Imagine that, the Electoral College was instituted to protect minorities, liberals).
                But it is under ferocious attack by “progressives” because it didn’t lead to a progressive candidate winning the latest presidential election.

                And because it is making global warming worse.

                Yes, you read that right. How does it manage to exacerbate global warming, you ask? Simple. There have been four American elections in which the person elected president lost the popular vote: in 1876, 1888, 2000 and now 2016. Progressives say that, in the latter two cases, because George W. Bush and now Donald trump were/are skeptical of man-caused global warming (are “Deniers”), their policies and influence have/will significantly and adversely affect our fight against climate change, leading to an ever worsening global climate problem. Therefore, the liberal logic is: “Electoral College causing global warming. Electoral College bad. Must go.”

                Alrighty, then.

                This is like saying that the Emancipation Proclamation led to violent, misogynistic rap music. Sorry, progressive crackpots, but Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have anticipated that, nor would it have kept him from doing the right thing…by protecting minorities.
                There is no level to which the left won’t stoop, no tactic they will not try in their attempt to gain, keep, or wield power. Even if it means putting us all back in chains in their fight against a “fake” enemy.

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