Saturday, December 24, 2016

Italian Priest Decides Against Nativity Scene

                Father Sante Braggie, chaplain of the Municipal Cemetery of Cremona and curate of the local parish in northern Italy, has decided not to set up a Nativity scene in his town’s cemetery this Christmas. Why, you ask? The Italian priest is breaking with long-standing tradition to avoid offending Muslims, of course.
                The chaplain said that the display was typically set up within eyesight of a small corner of the cemetery reserved for Muslim graves.  “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists,” Braggie stated, according to reports. “In short, it would be a mess.”
                Father Braggie’s pronouncement left his predecessor, Father Oreste Mori, in shock. “Seriously? I can’t believe it. We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. That would be an unpardonable weakness,” Father Mori said.
                Father Mori, we in the West are- rapidly- renouncing our culture and traditions. There are simple reasons for this, above and beyond the secular elites putting intense pressure on us to do so. And one is that religious leaders like Pope Francis and yourself are so willing to sell out your own supposed beliefs in order to accommodate ones that are anathema to Christianity and a free society based on the rule of law, in order to appear benevolent and tolerant.

                How have Muslims reciprocated? Have they proactively tried to avoid offending Christians? No. They’ve pretty much stuck to the doctrine of convert, enslave or kill. 

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