Friday, December 23, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Equates Right To Celebrate Christmas To Abortion Rights

                Whoopi Goldberg, while engaged in a recent debate with her co-hosts on the “View,” compared a woman’s right to get an abortion to a Christian’s right to celebrate Christmas. While opining on   separation between church and state, in regards to the permissability of public Nativity scenes in the celebration of Christmas, Goldberg said that it is “the same conversation with a woman’s right to choose.”
                She added, “What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me. The same thing is it’s—if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right…and, you know, kids who didn’t go to Catholic school had Christmas and they-- we never knew what their religions were, but we hung ‘cause it was Christmas holiday.”
                On one level, I appreciate her apparent attempt to defend public displays observing Christmas. But it is a breathtakingly bad- indeed heinous- analogy. As a writer I am tempted to find/use an analogy to make a point about her analogy, but, in this case, it is impossible to do so.

                The utter lack of logic and reason beggars description. The cumbersome and insensitive attempt at comparing people’s right to celebrate the birth of our Savior, who was later sacrificed so all of us could have the opportunity for eternal life, to a woman’s “right” to abort her baby literally boggles the mind.

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