Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump Too Cozy With Russia, Too Hard On China?

                There are constant mainstream media reports of Donald Trump being too cozy with the Russians, even of a Putin-Trump “bromance.” I am no fan of Russian leaders, but do they not remember Obama famously getting caught saying to then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev before Obama’s 2012 re-election, “After my election I have more flexibility?” He requested that Medvedev ask Putin to give him more “space” until then, all but promising to be Putin’s pal after that fait accompli.
                And what about President Obama cow-towing to Iran, and john Kerry thanking the Iranians for being kind enough to return our sailors to us after capturing them illegally? So what if they are constantly taunting and belittling us, calling us the Great Satan and threatening to wipe one of our closest allies off the map? That’s no reason not to be neighborly and let them get The Bomb!
                The President hasn’t exactly taken a hard line with China either, letting it, too, threaten us with impunity, build artificial islands (since stockpiled with weapons systems), and essentially claim the Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii as Chinese territorial waters.
                Oh, and now they’ve stolen one of our unmanned submarine drones.
                Obama’s response? He warned Trump, telling him to carefully consider his actions and any policy changes vis-à-vis China, lest he provoke a significant response from Beijing.
                You can’t make it up.
                Moreover, many on the left are upset that Trump had a phone conversation with Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan, angering already irritable Chinese officials who view the island as a breakaway province. Remarkably, Pentagon officials stated recently that they were trying to determine if the seizure of the underwater drone had anything to do with Mr. Trump’s actions or comments.
                To liberals, Mr. Trump- still over a month away from taking office- is somehow to blame for simultaneously being too soft on the Russians and too belligerent to the Chinese. But blaming Citizen Trump for China stealing our sub drone? And I thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was appalling!
                Early-onset Trump Dementia Disorder may be fatal.


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