Thursday, September 10, 2015

Illegal Immigration: Democratic Greed Trumps Voters

                Polling data suggest that immigration reform has strong support from voters of both parties. In fact, a recent CNN/ORC International survey found that 62 percent of all respondents said border security needs to be a first priority. (This is the primary reason that Donald Trump is so wildly popular at the moment).
                Yet, despite this strong, bipartisan public support for a wall on the border and other measures, Democrats won’t hear of it. Funny, I thought Democrats were for the people (“the masses”) and a pure unadulterated democracy, eschewing even the electoral-college as interfering with the direct will of the majority. Remember the election of 2000? 
                 This Democratic stance on illegal immigration should logically take the blinders off of some folks, but I’m not holding out much hope. If people haven’t already realized the only thing modern-day Democrats, and establishment Republicans  as well, truly care about is their own power, they likely never will.
                The Democrats as a party- and virtually every individual politician within that party- will never vote to stop an influx of people who will be inclined to disproportionately vote for them. Never. They won’t have to worry about anyone who disagrees with them soon, because there won’t be enough of those folks to do anything about it. They will have achieved political power immortality, even as those they ignore face taxation without representation.

                “Screw those voters, screw the country. Es todo acerca de mi!”

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