Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Day In The Life Of America: Circa 2015

                                            A day in the life of America, circa 2015:

1) The University of Cincinnati Medical Center admitted that a still-born infant’s body had gone missing recently. It was believed to have been mistakenly taken out with the trash. Doggone it! A crew spent three fruitless days digging at the Rumpke Landfill in an attempt to recover it.
                Planned Parenthood would be proud.
                Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? That old, hyperbolic, yet illustrative and cautionary cliché has itself been rendered passe’ of late. We now just treat new life as so much trash to be disposed of as we see fit.

                2) The Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota is set to open the nation’s first ‘marijuana resort.’ They are going to grow their own plants and are being tutored in this regard by a Colorado company. The resort as currently envisioned will consist of a smoking lounge, nightclub, arcade, bar, and will have food service, slots and an outdoor music venue. The first joints are slated to be available for purchase on New Year’s Eve. Guessing the food service does well.

                3) A video has been released showing Americans at a San Diego beach blithely signing off on a petition to ban talk of religion or politics in public. The person soliciting the signatures continually and mundanely said such things as, “I think we can all agree that talk of religion and politics just isn’t for a public beach. I mean we’re all here to relax, chill and have a good time, right? You have the right to talk about these things in your living room, but not in public spaces. Agree?”
                This is the most pathetic, chilling and tragic result of “kindness,” tolerance and politically-correct thinking imaginable. I myself know more than a few people who, without really thinking about it, would agree with that statement, and some who actually  practice this self-circumcision and thought –abortion on a regular basis so as not to upset family members, in-laws, teachers, or NAMBLA members.
                Yes, let’s ban our own First Amendment rights, that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to defend.

                We are no longer a serious nation.

                Or a viable one.

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