Monday, September 21, 2015

Mohamed's "Clock"

                A  student named Ahmed Mohamed brings a “clock” to his Irving, Texas high school that happens to be hidden in a case that appears to be ticking… and he, and his contraption, are removed from said school and he was temporarily arrested…and it’s considered an act of racism??!!! We have completely lost our minds and are hell-bent on our own destruction.
                Kids can’t bring a Swiss Army knife to school anymore without being accosted and sent home. Recently a young white boy chewed a pop-sickle stick into the shape of a “gun” and was disciplined for this egregious transgression of school safety rules. Kids are sent home for having a butter knife on them or an unidentified vial of liquid. Or for wearing an “offensive” shirt, like one touting the U.S. or Christianity, for example. This has happened several times.
                If Ahmed is anything close to as intelligent as he is touted to be, he well knew what kind of response his actions would bring about. And is therefore guilty of the charge of bringing a “faux bomb” to school, which was the cause of his brief arrest.

                Who brings clocks to school? Many kids don’t even wear watches, they just look at their I-phones when they want to know what time it is. Yet, in our post 9/11 world, a boy named Mohamed brings to school a ticking briefcase with wires coming out of it (and a clock inside) and the authorities that detained him are called bullies and racists?

                That should be alarming.

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