Monday, September 14, 2015

The New York Times, JewTracker And The Iranian Nuclear Accord

                The New York Times has actually launched a website to track how Jewish lawmakers are/were voting on the Iranian Nuclear Accord, which some are dubbing the “JewTracker.” Jewish- and other-Congressional Democrats are no longer standing with Israel as was typical in years past. They are now standing  with the Iranian regime that wants to destroy the U.S.,  and Israel, as well.
                Think about that for a moment.
                These Democratic lawmakers are also absolutely, resolutely committed to abortion rights. No wonder why many choose to look at the Constitution as a, “living, breathing document.” If it wasn’t, they couldn’t abort it, too. Yet, I didn’t foresee a day when they would opt to give a sworn enemy the “right” and means to potentially abort us.
                And a mainstream newspaper tracking representative’s  votes by religious affiliation? Talk about profiling! Where is the Muslim Tracker? Black Tracker? Irish Tracker?

                Now we’re just waiting on Nancy Pelosi to take to the House floor to belt out a stirring rendition of that old Patsy Cline standard, “Stand By IIII….rrrrrannn!!”

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