Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Farrakhan Addresses Offensive Place Names

   September 11, 2015
   News Syndicate-            

                 Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan demanded, in a speech given earlier today at a Black Lives Matter rally,   that “Jefferson City, Missouri and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, among other cities and public spaces, be renamed and that all of America’s offensive, politically-incorrect, Confederate memorials, monuments, parks, buildings and anything on the ‘National Register of Pre-Historic Places’ be eviscerated, expunged, exenterated, enervated and attenuated from the face of the Earth!”

                Farrakhan suggested Jefferson City, Missouri be renamed, “Screwyouredneckjewbastards City,” and  that Jackson Hole, Wyoming be henceforth known as “Jackson WasanassHole.” He also demanded that the Jefferson-Davis Highway be rechristened the “Prophet Mohammed Highway To Paradise.”

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