Tuesday, September 1, 2015


                 Millennials are the most educated- or at least have had the most schooling- of any generation in U.S. history and yet rank significantly below their global peers in math, literacy and “problem-solving in technology-rich environments.” The last would seem quite ironic, given the fact that you can’t get one of them to look up from their smart-phone under penalty of law.
                Thirty percent of millennials profess no affiliation to any religion, and the ones you hear about that do have usually converted to Islam and are heading to the Middle East. A large and growing percentage of them actually believe that socialism is an attractive and affective alternative to a capitalist, free market system. Of course, more than any previous generation, they are tolerant of the complete redefinition of marriage and family structure and even what it means to be a man or woman. Many in this generation don’t believe that truth is knowable, or that there is such a thing as absolute truth, while viewing “male” and “female” as simply “artificial constructs.” They’ve signed off on the social media sites acknowledgment of 57 or 63- or more- different genders.
                They make it known (often ironically via that old-fashioned, low-tech social media device known as the bumper sticker) that they are willing to “Co-exist” with just about anything.
                Except anyone who disagrees with them.
                There has never been a more widespread, broad-based, highly enforced, ritualized, internalized, elite-sanctioned, smug exercise of intellectual thuggery in the history of the New World than the multi-cultural, political-correctness that the Progressive Movement has foisted upon us today. And this generation, in particular, has become intoxicated by it- and addicted to it- thereby deadening their over-educated minds to the recognition of true independence, courage and free inquiry.
                Conservatives in a free society and rebels in a totalitarian one want the same thing. Freedom. Rebels in a free society don’t want freedom, they want fundamental transformation (back towards totalitarianism, at least of thought). Sadly, they are succeeding in their quest.
                Here’s an absolute truth: millennial’s “perceived rates of stress” are higher than any other generation’s in history for their age. Suicide is their third leading cause of death and the rates are going up.
The death of the West will follow apace. Not in spite of, but in part because of, the absolute belief in political correctness and the intolerance of traditional American values.

Does anybody really believe that will be good for the U.S. or beneficial to the world as a whole?


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