Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Religions

             There are three primary religions now vying for prominence in the West. They are Islam, Christianity, and Secular Humanism. Islam commands its followers to convert, enslave, or kill the “infidels.” Period.
Christianity allows its adherents to question the very existence of God.
Secularism stamps those that dare to question man-caused climate change with a scarlet letter. In this case,  a “D” for “DENIER.” Christianity has allowed pastors and priests to be of either sex, to be married, and has even welcomed gays and lesbians into its ranks.
Secularism doesn’t allow the “Sanctity” of gay marriage to be questioned, nor the existence of 64 genders…and growing.
The intolerant religions are in rapid ascendance.
On the other hand, the tolerant religion of Christianity, and the Western societies it shaped, are meekly disinheriting the Earth.

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