Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ferguson Accountability

                “Why it was inevitable that Ferguson officer walks free: Those seeking accountability for Michael Brown won’t find it in our criminal justice system.”
                There you have it. The headline of an article from that bastion of rationality, SLHATE. I mean, Slate. Yes, much better to be in the criminal justice systems of other countries. Well o.k., many other countries don’t have criminal justice systems. Some other countries just randomly imprison people. Many imprison- or worse- those that disagree with or challenge the system or any member of that system's government, enforcement agents, etc.
                This is the unique country founded on limited government of , by and for the people and on the rule of law. Miranda rights. Jury of your peers. Innocent until proven guilty, etc.
                The article continues, “Unfortunately, we don’t live in a society that gives dignity and respect to people like Michael Brown. Instead, we’ve organized our country to deny it wherever possible, through negative stereotypes of criminality, …”
                Our society not only doesn’t afford proper dignity and respect to criminals, but we actually have negative ‘stereotypes’ of criminality? Holy crap, where will that lead us? If we tolerated, let alone celebrated, criminality, we’d be in a chaotic downward spiral from which we could not escape. Oh.

                Ironically, the whole article was an exercise in negative ‘stereotypes’ of criminality, criminality they thought was perpetrated by the police.                

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