Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Invasive Species Out, Illegal Aliens In!

               There is yet another incredible inconsistency/hypocrisy of thought among liberals that has gone unnoticed in recent years. They champion “diversity” over all other “virtues”. We need all races, creeds, religions, sexual orientations (57 varieties now on Facebook! Claim one now while they’re hot!), fetishes, etc., etc. to be complete they shout. Gay marriage, abortion, legalized pot, it’s all good, bro! Tolerance is everything!

And yet, there are  two things liberals will not tolerate. First, if one disagrees with their positions (see also ‘global warming/climate change’)  that is heresy, not diversity of opinion… and will get one banned from speaking at a college or university…and perhaps threatened with jail time. Theirs is the only orthodoxy they will accept.

                Second, liberals, as the eco-fascists they are, think Invasive Species are going to be the death of us all- if climate change doesn’t get us first- and believe we have to expend whatever effort and resources it takes to prevent them from taking hold in our pristine ecosystem.

                That’s right, Purple Loosestrife, Zebra Mussels, Eurasian Milfoil, Bighead Carp, Round Gobies, etc., etc. will crowd out all our native species and make our lives a living hell if we don’t spend billions of dollars to try to keep them in check…and spare no effort to keep any/all other obnoxious foreign flora and fauna back where they damn well belong.

                Yet, liberals claim that every man, woman and child, of any stripe and character, that comes across our border is a font of enrichment for our nation and is warmly to be welcomed into our culture, workforce and hearts. They will be good for the economy and teach us about other cultures and belief systems. Why, we can learn so very much from them, it is a privilege for us to have them around, whether they came here illegally or not.

                In sum, diversity is not just good but mandatory in all things, except thought- if you think differently than they do. That kind of diversity is dangerous. (The Founders would be so proud). Oh, and  every living thing, plant and animal alike, that hails from parts unknown  is dangerous to our ecosystem and way of life- except for human beings, who are universally a blessing bestowed upon us from any and every country on the planet.

                They do tolerate their own hypocrisy and illogic.



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