Saturday, November 22, 2014

North Korazy- Part II!

                The North Korean government is at it again. There is always unintentional humor and creative hyperbole in its “official” statements, and this past week was no exception.
                On Tuesday a U.N. committee voted to adopt a resolution urging the Security Council to refer the leaders of North Korea to the International Criminal Court for prosecution for extensive violations of human rights. The North Korean government then promptly stated that due to this “political provocation” they would have to renew nuclear testing.
                In follow-up statements Thursday the government accused the United States of hiring “rubber stamps” to pass the document and claimed the resolution set a dangerous precedent in “politicizing and internationalizing the issue of human rights.”
                They then claimed that the United States was planning to overthrow their government, stating “Our war deterrent will be strengthened infinitely in the face of the United States’ plot for armed interference and invasion.”

                Maybe just another area where President Obama plans to act by executive fiat? Can’t imagine the U.N. would “rubber stamp” the idea of invading North Korea.

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