Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Meaning of Life?

                How brief a life we all have here. Yet how filled with drama and bickering and needless pain, disrespect and petty annoyances. What will we say to our husband/wife or other loved ones as they lay dying in the near future? Perhaps “I love you” or “You meant everything to me” or “you made me feel so good” or “I’ll never forget the time…” or “I can’t even imagine my life without you?” If that’s the case, if that’s what really matters, why don’t we say it every day? As the country song says, we don’t really get to live unless we “ live like we are dying.” Do things that you have never done. Experience what you have never experienced. Tell your lover what  he/she means to you, tell your kids you are proud of them. Treat them- and yourself- like this could be the last time you will ever see them…because it could be. And if it isn’t, that time will come all too soon. Are you just marking time? Does nothing matter? Or do you want to make a statement, a positive statement that your life has mattered, if for nothing else that you have mattered to others… and been loved by others? Why are you here? Why? For yourself? Or is their something divine in that spark with your spouse? Or in your care and guidance of your kids?
                We live for 60 or 80 or maybe 100 years, if we are lucky.

                Divide 100 by eternity. What do you get? Zero.

                Or maybe so much more than that. Maybe an idea of what really matters.


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