Wednesday, November 19, 2014

War on Women- Part II

                South Carolina state Senator Vincent Sheheen, governor Nikki Haley’s Democratic opponent in this past election, spoke in Florence about the need to “take our state back.”Any time a Republican uses that phrase he is immediately branded as a racist, sexist, homophobe or such like, especially if their opponent is a minority.
                Senator Sheheen wasn’t done, however. After running off a list of complaints, he exclaimed “we must escort the whore out the door!” He then amended that statement to “escort her out the door” leaving some wiggle room for those who may have thought it was a simple slip of the tongue. However, the audience laughed and seemed to approve of the remark.
                His response? He winked and laughed, pointed and added  “you have to tell the truth.”
                Truth? No, a despicable slander of an innocent, competent, gracious woman.
                Fortunately, in this case, Ms. Haley won and it was “the bore that was shown the door.”

                The “War on Women?” What side seems to be firing all the shots?

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