Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

                This Thanksgiving let’s all take a look at our lives and truly give thanks where due. It’s not all about football (although it is partly about football in my world), turkey, or a good bottle of wine.
    First, I hope you are blessed with a wonderful family and friends… as I am, thankfully.
                In addition, let each of us give thanks for the things we have that make, define and sustain us as human  and lead to mental, spiritual and physical health and contentment. Many on this earth, even those who are now growing old, have never experienced true love, passion or meaningful sexual relations, and don’t have a partner with whom they want to celebrate eternity. Many are wanting for food, clothing and shelter. A majority of the world’s citizens don’t live in a free, democratic nation. Therefore, they are not secure in their persons or property and often cannot express their beliefs, hopes and fears (unless possessed of extraordinary character and integrity and willing to pay the price for doing so). Speaking of which, let us give thanks for all those who have protected our freedoms and way of life and made it possible for us, the lucky ones, to have or experience some or all of the profound blessings  just described, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.
And to our founding fathers, the truly greatest generation, we, and humanity, owe more than can ever be put into words- or paid back. (If we just don’t screw it all up  beyond repair it would probably be enough thanks for them at this point, I’m guessing). In today’s society they (and their wives) don’t often get the full credit they deserve, so let us thank them as well, albeit posthumously.

                  So to the founders, our veterans and those in the military… and our spouses… “Semper Fi.”

                  Happy Thanksgiving.

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