Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Real War On Women

                The Republicans “War on Women” appears not to have prevented them from making substantial gains with the female voter in this past election. In fact, many Republican women won their races, including Mia Love, a woman ‘of color’ in Utah…Utah, of all places! This is great to see. She is the first Haitian-American, and first black female Republican, ever elected to congress. Republican Joni Ernst was elected as a Senator from Iowa.  Two female Republican governors were re-elected,  Nikki Haley in South Carolina and Susana Martinez in New Mexico. Of course there isn’t and never was a Republican “War on Women”. Quite the contrary. Republican values are more in line with women’s values than the Democrats are on most issues. (Single females who want someone else to pay for their birth control and want absolutely unfettered access to abortion would be the only notable exception).

                Republicans desire to limit taxation and provide an economic climate that values and promotes business and- therefore job growth- obviously helps all working women. Policies that do not foster broken families and do help prevent crime are important to women as well. Moreover, policies and actions that protect them- and all of us-  from terror attacks and  keep the country strong and safe  (and their kids as well) resonate with women as well as men. As does getting rid of Obamacare. Stopping or limiting mass illegal immigration doesn’t hurt the Republican’s standing with the ladies either.

                As for mothers,  I never really understood why universal contraception coverage and abortion rights would benefit motherhood. But, that’s just me.

                Newsflash: there is, however, a War on Women in parts of this world. Unlike in the U.S., where more females than males attend college, 85% of all purchases are made by women, etc., etc.

                In some Muslim countries women can’t work, drive, travel freely without a male chaperon or even leave the house whenever they please. In Iran recently, it was recently revealed, that people who buy, sell or walk a dog can be fined or subjected to 74 lashes. A woman had acid thrown on her because she had a bad HiJab. Another was hung for killing her rapist.

                And yet another woman received a year in jail for attending a volleyball game.

                Many Western women like to highlight or show off their bodies in various ways. This may make them feel attractive and wanted, or perhaps they are just proud of- or happy- with what they were blessed with and enjoy the difference between the sexes. In Iran and other Muslim countries women have to wear a Hijab to cover their face and chest when around adult males not in their immediate family. Failure to dress modestly enough (i.e. covered from head to toe) leads to shaming and serious consequences. Sometimes dire consequences. One Iranian cleric says that earthquakes are caused by immodestly attired women.

                This all sounds to me more like a real War on Women, or at least outrageous discrimination.

                True to form, the Democrats will be ramping up the rhetoric now that Republicans have control of both the House and Senate. They will claim that Republicans are bad for “women’s rights”.

                Oddly, they won’t address “women’s rights” in Iran. In fact, they’ve tried to coddle, ingratiate and apologize to Iran- and most of the Muslim world- for years now.

                Women have the right to think for themselves, yet liberals go crazy when they do. It’s the same with African-Americans (and other minorities). That should tell us all something about real intolerance. Mia Love is both female and black. She won in Utah. Thank you, Mia. Thank you, Utah. Ladies, you may be free at last. Welcome home.

                Godspeed Mia. Well done ladies. Well done indeed.


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