Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stork Busters

                “Stork Busted As Suspected Spy In Egypt” read the headline from the August 31st Daily News  (among many other media outlets). Egyptian authorities “detained” the stork, literally putting it behind bars in a jail after a citizen brought the bird in and pointed out what he thought appeared to be an eavesdropping device of some kind attached to the bird’s neck. Of course, this was a tracking device, to aid in discovering the extent of the bird’s migration, where these birds winter and how long they may stay in one place, etc. This device would’ve been placed on the stork by a European naturalist, not an Israeli agent… with the intent of gathering intelligence on… the stork…not Egypt.

                The Bush administration doesn’t look quite so paranoid now, does it?

                When you detain a large bird- in a prison- for days at a time on suspicion of being a Zionist spy, you may want to consider a twelve-step program.

                Just sayin’.

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