Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Keystone (Pipeline) Kops

The Democratic-controlled Senate rejected legislation this past Tuesday  that would have guaranteed completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Had the measure passed it would have created thousands of high-paying jobs and lessened U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Much of the oil the U.S. imports comes from countries who are anti-U.S. and actually sponsor or support terrorist acts.
The governments own environmental impact statement predicts that a pipeline would result in less damage to the climate than moving the same oil by rail. President Obama opposed the measure, while Hilary Clinton  has (repeatedly) courageously refused to take a position. Many in Big Religion have urged a ‘no’ vote as well.
The 59-41 Senate vote was one short of the 60 needed to clear (pass) the House-passed measure. One.
All 45 Senate Republicans supported the legislation. Only 14 of 55 Democrats and allied Independents joined them.
There will likely be another vote on the matter early next year after Republicans take control of the Senate. Unless an XL version of the “Keystone Kops” breaks out, the “Keystone XL Pipeline” should finally be allowed, one border-crossing that would be beneficial to us all.


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